Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Due to my unexpected snow day I visited a few new sims in Second Life. I spent a little while enjoying the virtual Woodstock, fascinated by psychedelic textures used to create a real hippy space with free clothes, beads, peace signs and “spirit of the heart” jewellery.

The sim is brightly coloured, very entertaining and has at least two rather wonderful art galleries. The first is a whole gallery of images from the 60s onward, the work of photographer Kim Gottleib-Walker but all copyright – so daren’t show any of them :-)  The collection features a young Joni Mitchell, Rod Stewart, Jimi Hendrix , Bob Marley and more, it is a very interesting exhibition with some lovely and unusual photographs that I have never seen before.

“Kim Gottlieb-Walker graduated from UCLA in the late 1960’s with a BA in Motion Picture Production.  She shot stills for numerous magazines including Music World, Feature, Rolling Stone, Newsweek and People. She worked in the mid-seventies shooting for Island Records, covering reggae performers all over Jamaica. She has worked for over 25 years as a unit still photographer on motion pictures and television, including the early John Carpenter movies (“Halloween,” “The Fog,” Christine,” “Escape from New York” and “Halloween II”) as well as “Cheers” (for 9 years),  “Family Ties” (for 5 years), “Star Trek -The Next Generation and Deep Space 9” and “Bob” (Bob Newhart’s last show) for Paramount television and Steven Spielberg’s “Amazing Stories” at Universal.

A Second Gallery is by Citizen Zhao
From a notecard: “Welcome to this exposition that shows some different aspects of a painter's  life :
Outside : The "normal" work of a painter making paintings.... So u will just see my paintings, my RL ones, not digitals
Inside : What I do when I am not painting "normally" :-)
•    Creation of a decorated ceilling
•    Restoration of an old goldleaf frame
•    Restorations of wall paintings and frescos

There is a live music area where there are regular concerts and a dance area, and interactive display featuring a kaleidoscope which is rather wonderful, another display of animated sculptures. It is well worth a visit because of its gallery and rather unusual texture qualities :-) if nothing else. I really like it!"

To see more images visit

To visit the Sim you need to be a member of Second Life then follow this link:

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