Sunday, 24 January 2016

Starting to make videos for flipping the classroom

I am going to do a series of very short posts leading people new to making videos for the flipped classroom gently through the process!

Many of us will already have several devices capable or recording video and sound, it is a matter of deciding which is the best quality for your purpose.

This first post is simply to find the resources that you can use and try them out.

Do you have a smart phone with video taking resources? Experiment with it. You may need a holder but before you spend any money try filming yourself just for one minute by holding it and taking a selfie video. Listen to it carefully, is your voice loud enough? Clear enough?  Look at it, is your image clear, good enough for someone to watch two or three minutes of you talking on a regular basis?

Before you decide on using your phone what else do you have? Flip cameras, small hand held camcorders and many digital cameras have the capacity to take digital video. Try them! Will they pick up your audio?

Do you have a laptop with a built in web cam? Try it and watch and listen!

Do you have a headset with a mic? Plug that into your laptop, does that help? It should block out most of the background sound in your surroundings.

Do you have a desktop with a web cam? Again it will be much better with a headset and mic rather than using its own mic which will be further away from you and so quieter as well as picking up all the background sound around you.

Do you have a tablet capable or recording video and sound? Does it have its own tiny headset as the iPad does? If so prop that up and record yourself again with an eye and ear for quality of sound and picture.

Do you have an external mic that you can plug in and have hear you? If so try it out and again listen to the quality! I have a very good quality mic but a small web cam - they will not record synchronously! The video lags behind the audio - much more infuriating that slightly poorer quality sound.

So - first things first! Try everything out that you already have a find the best combination to use.

Web sites that may help

How to use a digital Camera from Jisc

A Google search for phone tripods

Information on choosing a headset

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