Monday, 18 January 2010

A visit to Decay

Decay is a new Second Life build by Toxic Menges. Its main feature is basically an old building falling down and decayed. It is incredibly atmospheric with rain, thunder and lightning as well as stutters banging etc. The sounds and recommended sky effect all add to the feeling.

An ancient, dilapidated well stand askew in front of the house and an old, rusty chain with an anchor still attached hangs in front of the waterfall. The whole landscape screams of neglect, with twisted, dead trees and barren land.

In complete contrast there is a beautiful sculpture called Aqua Seadryke, high rope bridges leading to a pair of thrones and a windmill that all give creedence to the idea that it has been built as a film set or for photographs.
It is a real mixture of decay and beauty – a rather wonderous and very effective mixture.

At the back of the house is a bus stop saying catch a bus to no-where – it goes to Chasseforet where there is an amazing build of the Wooden Horse of Troy. The is build is still under construction but well worth a visit.
To visit you need to be a member of Second Life then you can follow the slurl 

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