Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Back to work – or not

Our Lane
Well I started back to work on Monday with a full diary but by Tuesday late afternoon I was struggling! Not with the workload but with the snow. Headed home after the school session finished but it was an increasingly difficult journey. I phoned the family who all had fun journeys but thankfully made it.

The Main Road

Some 4X4s are getting round


Very Pretty

Wednesday morning – with about a foot of snow covering everything it was pretty obvious my little car was not going anywhere. I switched on one of the country radio stations to hear of school after school not opening. When I read through the list I can’t think of a single Oxon school that is open!

Family Cars

My Car

So… went out walking with the dogs to see what was going on, it is all very pretty, the birds were lining up on the hedge looking very hopeful. I put down a big wood board with food and water on it but for about two hours they have been going from the tree to the hedge over the food and not really brave enough to descend onto it. A few have hovered low enough to grab a bit of food but most are not prepared to risk it – now it is snowing again so will soon be buried :-(

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