Tuesday, 19 January 2010

A Second Visit to Patron

Last night I made another visit to the art gallery at Patron. Being met by a beautiful white peacock somehow gives a sense of peace and beauty which is contrasted starkly by a dark angel peeping into the house through one of the balcony doors. This time I looked closely at some of the exhibits. All of them deserve a mention but here are some of my favourites.

The first is a centrepiece – called Angelicus Illuminatus.  It is a musical box figure who turns whilst music plays. She seems to be holding a globe with a glowing heart inside it - maybe holding the love of the world in her hands? To start or stop the action and music one has to touch it, the music is pretty and gentle, the figure exquisite. Being a very basic builder myself  it is hard to imagine how anything so precise and beautiful can be made.

Moving over to the desk is a charming, whimsical build, again beautifully detailed, of a cup and saucer with coffee in it, cigarettes and an ashtray on the desk beside an animated cat turning the pages and reading a book about quantum mechanics – lovely :-)

I moved into the next space, can’t say room really as it is all open plan. In that space is a grand piano for visitors to play – so long as you want to play Schuman’s Scenes from Childhood. Behind the piano is a beautiful table created from black marble – The Noveau Libertine Table.

I spent some time in the meditation area, then  pushing the physical ornament called Sea Dreaming around. The whole build deserves several visits to look closely at its component parts. Apart from the gallery objects the setting, use of light and water, buildings are all lovely. It is truly a delight!

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