Monday, 26 May 2008

SLanguages 2008

The most amazing, exhilarating 24 hours was the Slanguages 2008 conference held in Second Life on EduNation 11 23rd and 24th May 2008. This event was inspiring – awesome!
There is a fair amount written about it and more to come:
Not writing more but above are a few images.

Monday, 19 May 2008

Multilple Intelligences

May 18th 2008-06-30I
Visited Zotorah Shepherd's Learning Styles project in Koru

Based on Gardiner’s Multiple intelligences work, each section based on a circular platform relates to a different learning style and has examples of “games” that may aid learning
The Mathematical intelligence area has tic tac toe, Sudoku, a peg game, people geared up to learning mathematically work best with stat statistics, dates etc.
The Musical intelligence area has elven drums made by Robbie Diago, posters of musical events and a harp. People with musical intelligence may learn better when listening to music.
The Kinaesthetic intelligence area has a dance ball, people with his intelligence are likely to be learning whilst walking round reading etc. They may find that writing stuff out helps them to learn it.
The Linguistic intelligencearea has book marks a wish maker and links to literacy projects. It also has a bookshelf with whole books on note cards!
The Interpersonal intelligences area has cocoa, food and a friendship circle for a group hug, people who learn well in groups would enjoy being here, talking to others while they learn.
The Naturalistic intelligence area is for people who work well in nature, they can swing or sit in a tree listening to the birds and beasts to learn.
The Spatial / Artistic intelligence area has physical blocks, they are a challenge to build! It also has lovely pictures. People who learn best here would be artisits.
Finally there isThe Intrapersonal intelligence area, the meditation cushion and reflective mirror for people who like to be alone and introspective.

The whole build is very impressive – if I had teachers and needed to cover multiple intelligences this is where I would visit.