Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Snow Week - Jan 2010

Having been snowed in to some extent for a week now life has taken on a slightly different pattern to what I consider ‘normal’. As soon as there is any sign of life in the house the birds are lined up along the hedge watching and waiting. The robin comes and peers in through the conservatory willing someone to go out and feed him! Having had the wood burner going from late afternoon to late night everyday one of my first jobs has been to clear out the ashes ready to take them outside but no-one dare step outside without birdie food. They have cost a fortune in wild bird seed and eaten pretty well anything we put for them.
At the start, after the first big snowfall I put a big wooden board out on the snow with seed and water on it. The birds went from small tree to hedge crossing over it but not daring to go down on to it. They swooped and grabbed bits as they passed over but that was all.  Over the week they have got used to it and know it to be a food station. Now it is mobbed all day.

This morning I went down to pick up train tickets for the weekend – the snow is not as deep on the road as it is in the garden but the lack of gritting has made them virtually impassable. It is so pretty it is hard to recognise the damage it does and how much it costs the country in lost income, lost business, lost sales, lost work days, insurance claims etc..

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