Sunday, 27 December 2009

A Visit to Patron



Last night I spent about two hours looking around Patron, the art gallery of SL artist Eliza Wierwight. It is a lovely, showcase build comprising of a beautifully landscaped sim with gardens, flowers, waterfalls, light ornaments, a soundscape and secret rooms as well as the designer class main art gallery. The gallery is quite different to others as it is furnished as a home may be. The furniture is high quality, lovely and arranged so that one may really enjoy just sitting and appreciating the art work. There is also a columned round room with a mural along the walls as well as a sort of garden room soundscape which I videoed.

There are more photographs uploaded to Flickr

Patron is a place to relax as much as an art Gallery or Emporium. To describe it better here are Eiza's own words:

"Creating Patron and both curating or creating it's contents is my personal vision. The art and creations by others than myself here fall under a stringent criteria. In as much as Patron is so strongly a reflection of myself, my home, the Patron Inhouse guest Artists and Creators are people that I have huge respect for firstly as people but also incredible talent in their chosen fields. People I consider an extended family. A fairly gifted family at that..." ~smiles softly~

"No doubt about it, I call myself a 'texture whore' with some immediate affection. I love superb textures and I have worked hard to avail only the best via my creations to my potential customers. Some textures you will find here are totally exclusive to Patron. Many I now create, I also create with textures by some of my very talented and generous friends who have passed on samples of their artistry for my musing and use in both the Gallery & Emporium items. When a focus texture is by another Second Life artist you find them credited in the description lines of Patron creations. Others are high end purchases and often strictly contracted before sale to myself. I am also vigilant about not using textures or creation components that have not been acquired ethically. Artisans that make the textures that colour and enrich our SL world deserve respect. My designs would be nothing without them.

I invite you to make yourself at home here as much as is your leisure too, irrespective of whether you purchase here or not. Patron continues to evolve daily and though parts may be the vanguard of Patron style you can expect it to evolve constantly. Also while here please traverse the SIM tunnel to my friend Cuwynne Deerhunter's Patron Wilds adjacent, could be Heaven on earth. A genuine pleasure to share a SIM with such mastery.

In 1966 Italian illustrator Vittorio Accornero was commissioned by a prestigious House of Design to create a very special piece for the Princess Grace of Monaco. My mother who had a distinctive love of both the beautiful & unique in turn acquired the same piece. As a young child I recall studying the detail, the color, searching out the hidden dragonflies and bees in the profusion of flowers that adorned this specific creation . Today the feel of the silk fabric on my skin remains reminiscent of the special occasion I was entrusted to handle it. I even muse the perfume my mother wore when I see the vibrancy of the textures that compelled me to create this softly whimsical & elegant sculptural piece. Much to my immediate pleasure that these creations also include exclusive focus textures by Cuwynne Deerhunter and detailing textures by Stephen Venkman. The legacy lives on ....

The only thing I was unable to do, was to create a singular version. So I offer two interpretations with slight variations, complimenting choice of the backgrounds in Ivory or Noir."


Eliza said...
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Eliza said...

Hi Carol, It's Eliza from Patron. I just got a little teary eyed reading your kind comments and just wanted to stop a moment and thank you genuinely for your kindness. I do love my Patron and I love sharing this SIM with Cuwynne Deerhunter. He is the artistic force behind Patron Wilds shown in your first wonderful image and in your mach. Again my heartfelt thanks.

( PS sorry for the post removal seemed to be having tech issues )

Carolrb said...

Hi Eliza
Your build is really beautiful and I have been back several times. I really enjoy being there.
Thank you!!
See you there one day