Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Chroma Key Video Update

Right :-) Chroma Key update ! When James – my mentor for this project - (thanks James ) saw the completed video he told me that the different transitions were to accommodate the different coloured blue or green paper and that it was not a light issue! Back to the drawing board.
I remade the video clip having tried all of the available transitions, interestingly enough with each one I had to restart WMM to get it to play but I am still having issues with a set of codecs that wants to be on my computer against my wishes – a little battle for me to win there!
I found one that made the transition between blue screen and Second Life look much better but the sound, though the two videos have exactly the same level, fades itself out on the beginning of the second clip and I can’t overcome that.
Very soon the same video, but with a better merging of the two will be available here. Thinking about how long it took me to upload it last night though it still could be a couple of hours!

PS - I know my avatar looks as if she is speaking at the wrong end of the clip but I am not changing it :-)

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