Sunday, 6 December 2009

Crossworlds Gallery First Visit

With the length of time I have been in Second Life and the places I have seen it gets harder to find new inspiring places to visit, but a friend took me to the Crossworlds Gallery last night and I was totally knocked out by the craftsmanship displayed there. Soon two more friends joined us and we investigated several floors with more to go!

There is a set of modelled animals, a unicorn / rabbit type of creature called the rabbicorn, a Mouse drawn Owl, a seahorse called The Sea and the Sky and a gazelle/ spider type of creature called a Gazellnid where, once you find a hidden button a poem is read in chat. The poem is split between the models. A musical box plays in all three as well – it is quite wonderful. For more information see

There is a celebration of love in the Nectar Room where one can make a declaration of love, dance to celebrate their love and quite possibly more! There is a poem written by Aurakyo Insoo called Love is the Answer which gives its name to the whole build. It is interesting, and I imagine, a huge success around St Valentine’s Day. I have very mixed feelings about bits like the broken Heart – bound in barbed wire and the sense that one is standing in a pool of blood. Is love really this bloody? However – regardless of my feelings it is beautiful craftsman ship and art does not have to make me feel good!

One whole gallery is made up on interactive pictures where you can change the image that is in the frame, sometimes the colours and sometime the whole thing. These are kaleidoscope type of images – again wonderful craftsmanship.
The top floor is just amazing. When you visit set your environment settings to night and wander around. These are sculptures that you can stand in and they change around you. I have tried creating this sort of art, successfully as far as it went, but not as good as this!

I returned for a short while today and called another friend to see it. I will spend considerably more time there over the next few weeks. To visit follow the link:

For more photographs visit

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