Saturday, 26 December 2009

A visit to Arcachon in Second Life


Arcachon, a seaside resort in the south of France has been replicated as a build in Second Life. I visted with a Cyber - a SL avatar but Real life person who knows the area very well and she was amazed at how true to life the whole build is. Marisolde soon joined us there and took a motobike ride around the whole island.

There is a huge sand dune along one coastal area where one can walk down into the pine forest on the edge of the beach and get battered by falling giant pine cones :-) The lighthouse is there to protect the ships in the narrow waterway.

It is very pretty in parts but has a picnic area complete with jukebox and trailer park etc., which reflects the real life trailer park complete with washing line full of undies :-)That area is streaming a film - apparently a very famous French film that I just did not know or appreciate.

The animals in the pine forests are lovely, there is an arena where bulls are ridden, but not killed that has a rodeo type of bull in it.

From Wikipedia:
The course Landaise is an ancient form of bullfighting held in oval or rectangular arenas covered in sand, that does not involve any bloodshed. Experienced cows generally from the age of 2 and up to 14 years old are used instead of bulls. They are athletic animals selected from the same breed as the bulls used for the Spanish Corridas. 

This form of bullfighting is a traditional game of bull dodging and leaping. One needs courage, composure and agility to participate in this dangerous sport. The men and women most often have a few bruises, deep gashes and broken bones in various states of mending to nurse throughout the season, while the cows return without any harm to their luxurious grasslands.

There is a working mill, a corn growing patch being watered by a windmill, a beautiful farm house with sunflowers outside the door and gendarmes keeping control over the whole area.

Also on the island is a fishing competition - needless to say I failed miserable and was told ow rubbish I am at fishing!

A delightful place to visit, one can take a balloon ride, a motorbike ride or a pedallo around the whole island but it is texture rich and quite hard on the graphics card ;-) For more photographs visit

To visit teh area in Second Life follow the slurl:, as you land in the area you are in the town square where currently there is a nativity scene and lovely outdoor Christmas tree. The whole build is very well done, it is a lovely place to visit!

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