Sunday, 4 October 2009

Sumo Paint

This week I came across Sumo Paint for the first time and could not believe that I had missed it previously; it is a really amazing on-line program!
I see it is a very important web 2.0 tool that anyone anywhere could make good use of, but especially pupils in school :-)

Sumo Paint is a very comprehensive painting program providing all the usual tools, the capacity to work in layers, has loads of different brush stroke, effects, colour managing tools, picture management tools and more.

Only two things in my experiments that were not exactly as I expected were
1. I could not copy and paste an image into the canvas that I was working on. At first I percieved this as a huge problem but I could save an image to my computer and then import it to the working canvas - so - not perfect but most definitely manageable!
2. I wrote in text "Puppy" on the puppy image and wanted to rotate it across the corner. As I hovered over the edge of the text box a rotate symbol appeared. It did not seem to work, once I did manage to move it a little - in the wrong direction - but as I released the rotate tool so the text disappeared. I did not find a way of doing that - but that may well be either my computer or my own ineptness!

I can't get over the quality of this program - I created loads of little test images and saved them all to my computer without even registering but you can register, login and save your work on-line, it is completely free :-)


MatthiasHeil said...

Registering with SumoPaint also lets you save your work in a format that keeps various layers, whereas download options are restricted to JPG and PNG if you don't want to take the "pains" of signing up... I think the community features also make more sense for subscribers. As it's totally free, there's not much to lose, anyway.

Graffi said...

Wow, just imagine if you could get a suite of online tools containing Sumopaint to create, Ahead for sharing and publishing.

rahul said...


english language school

Thanks for the share.

Carolrb said...

Hi Matthias - I will register yes, I was so overwhelmed when I found it I just didn't bother - it is brilliant :-)

Carolrb said...

Hi Graffi
Just looking at Ahead now :-) Thanks!