Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Getting ready for Burning Life

This year I managed to get a plot in the land rush – so very thrilled.
I had already done a lot of work on a music build so was able to move onto the land and start preparing very quickly. My build was too big for the plot so I had to cut it down quite a lot.

Once it was set up my colleague, who always adds the above ground stuff added the most amazing and very large wooden Burning Man! I was very pleased with it as far as it went and the scripts etc. worked properly but something was still wrong. Eventually we decided it was the colours and textures so we redid all of that focussing on fire colours. It worked and was vastly improved.

The build consists of spheres, which when touched play music sample. By touching various spheres different music can be made. There are several air-born type of dances in the dance balls that enable the dancers to float about above the music and have a wonderful time :-)

It was lovely to see - as I just popped in to take a photo of the MAN - that people are there and dancing :-)

To visit join Second Life and follow the link: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Burning%20Life-Steamboat/196/156/24

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