Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Burning Life 2009

The Burning Life event is on now in Second Life.

Burning Life 2009 runs from October 17th until October 24th in Second Life. This is the 7th year for this celebration, though I have only been a part of it for two years. It is my favourite festival and now that it has opened and I have had a chance to look around it there are some amazing builds. These are just a few!

The Mousetrap Game is just so true to life, it is well worth a visit
Toy Box The slinky and bird are lovely :-)
Labyrinth Vision Quest Choose a platform, Heaven, Groud, Hell.... all worth visiting
Strange Creatures Ride on one of these amazing creatures!
Turning Cubes This work shows numerous cubes stacked on top of each other each displaying portraits and constantly rotating. Stand still to see it.

Then there is the mystical temple - it really is at its best in the burning - but I will miss it :-( Will have to watch it on You Tube later!
The Temple

Every year Burning Life Art Department picks 12 art projects out of many wonderful applications for featured presentation - the 12 Big Art plots:

Bryn Oh - Vessel's Dream A new cam build based off of her poem Lilac. For a machinima

Gulliver's travel Gulliver's travel scene.
Ub Yifu and Copan Falta Audio; streaming by Reverend Upshaw

Towards the future is a fully immersive installation created at Burning Life. You have to get to the top of the build then click the fireball and "you are rolling through the future lights of a burning dimension" Solkide Auer - Shellina Winkler

Sekhmet's Serpentunes A temple for the Egyptian Goddess.
Builder/Prim Abuse Artist: Madcow Cosmos Sound/Music Design: Lorin Tone Research/A

Proud Flesh
Avatar-interactive, wind-responsive, evolving audiovisual sculpture - Adam Ramona

The Tower and the Quest
Someone was here and left a story, half finished, broken, unsatisfied, no beginning and no end. Through shapes, figures, poses, avatars, stages the participants are invited to create their own story. Alpha Auer & Frigg Ragu

Among Other Things Join in and help create the art for this space! Graffiti the train! Touch the ground to open a new browser where you can paint images to add to the train. AM Radio

Irregularity a structure - Selavy Oh

The Roof Is Gone The Roof Is Gone is a multimedia installation with an original music by Misprint Thursday and Miso Susanowa. The piece is a combined work including music, sound, video, video art surfaces, video architecture, video HUD, video particles, and a unique art HUD. The piece will engages avatar interaction as well as avatar exploration and discovery. The video will presents as moving paintings of landscapes in dissarray.

144 - Low-fi art made in a simplistic manner out of products one could take with oneself, junk and scrap. I love the skeleton!! Dekka Raymaker and Penumbra Carter

Kicca Igaly & Nessuno Myoo *ArtEvolutionCube*
From a pencil sketch of a work, to realization in 3D ... Are not you curious? Come and see the result of an Artistic Evolution.

Yoa Ogee - Friends are everywhere!
circle of friendship and friendliness!

There are more photographs on Flickr.

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