Friday, 18 September 2009

iSpring & PowerPoint

iSpring is a very useful free tool that sits inside Powerpoint and converts presentations including music, sounds effects, transitions etc. to Flash files. This is ideal for use in Learning Platforms when teachers wish to share presentations with pupils. PowerPoint files can be accessed from home but not all children will have the full Office suite or the Powerpoint viewer at home to be abe to access the presentation, a flash file however will play in any browser. It is very easy to use.

Unfortunately I can't find a way of incorporating Flash files into Blogger so have to upload it independently then embed it :-(

I have made several presentations which include active script - these do not work, so drag and drop games such as OXO, Connect Four and Snakes and Ladders are no good, neither does the text box on screen PowerPoint Show work. At the moment I have only tried the free version, I will try the other two versions soon :-)

For more information or to download go to

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