Thursday, 17 September 2009

Aviary's Myna

An on-line friend, Dennis Newson was told earlier about Myna and passed the news onto me by e-mail. I am so glad he did! Myna is an amzing on-line music editor that will be so useful in secondary schools where not all computers have music editing software on and as they are networked it is not easily installable! Also students will be able to sign up and use it at home if they need to add a soundtrack to their work.

There is a bank of sound files that can be used to add music to web pages, presentations etc. The user can record straight into the program or upload clips to use straight from a computer.

I have played with one very short clip and it is accessible in various ways:

Just a link

CarolCarol's trial :-).egg by carolrb on Aviary

In the editor:

Or I can download it to my computer to use as a background track on a video or in a presentation.

It is very good and very versatile - a real find :-)

To learn more and watch a video clip demo visit

Thanks Dennis :-)


MatthiasHeil said...

Hi Carol, the embedded flash player version is not working... maybe something wrong with the file name?

Carolrb said...

Thanks Matthias - it did work originally but they seem to have taken that facility away and changed it to the embedded egg :-)
I guess it is new and they are still developing it as they want it. Sad really - I like it like that!