Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Carol's Blog

I have been experimenting with Tagul, a new sort of cloud creating program. As you can see I did not take out enough of the common words, it really is just an experiment. The program is an beta version, I failed a couple of times before managing to get this one right so it needs a bit of patience but I do like the way the words turns around to be easily read. Each word acts as a search term so it is easy to navigate away by accident. :-) To display it in a blog you need to copy the cloud metadata and resize the image info there - there is help on the blog but that bit is very quick and easy. The percentage measurement does not seem to be workingfor me but you can take the tick out of that box and whatever size in pixels you put it it will display at. This one is 400 x 400, any bigger and it takes over the page. Have a go at

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