Saturday, 12 July 2008

Music in Second Life

Well I am fascinated now by the possiblilty of making music in Second Life. (I am still at the stage where every new thing in Sl in wonderful, one day I will decide what I really want to do there, but at the moment it is all sorts - I change by the week.)

I have struggled to get some sound files from our electric piano today, it is about five years old and has a floppy drive fitted, so in hopes I dug out some old floppies and a floppy disk drive reader and tried it but in vain!

I tried recording with an Ipaq - that failed too. Eventually got good recordings with a microphone and laptop.

Tonight I have uploaded them and made a pentatonic music creator game type of thing in SL! Had a script problem, as usual, but managed to get it sorted. So - simple it may be but good fun creating it. I think I will add at least one ostinato tomorrow! :-)

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