Saturday, 5 July 2008

ICT Conference news and other bits...

Well what a week! The county Charter Mark assessment for our service has been this week and we held our ICT Conference at the Williams F1 centre at Grove on Thursday 3rd July.

A Second Life thing though…
On Wednesday I went into an e-safety training session being delivered by a colleague in our training room. Within a few minutes of me walking in she arrived at the Second Life slide in her presentation and said the to delegates, I am glad Carol is here maybe she will talk about it… So I walked to the front and talked about SL for probably no more than 5 minutes. I was clear about the seedier side and clear about the education side, telling them that I am having both scripting and Spanish lessons there at the moment. I talked about EduNation for a few seconds – the place where I tend to hang out when I am in SL. I mentioned the currency, building etc. I told them of the difference in the Teen Grid and what sort of things happen there – all very brief and to the point!
At the conference on Thursday, two of the course attendees who were also at the conference came up and told me they had gone home and signed up for SL on the strength of my five minute talk and having a true sense of the my passion for it. How wonderful! How dreadful that I do not know either of them in RL, or even which schools they are from but have made friends with the one who gave her avatar name in SL :-)

I would love to be writing about the conference but I never got to actually see any of it.

We had presentations from schools demonstrating good use of Myst to enhance writing; Podcasting; Using videos as a catalyst for learning; ICT across the Curriculum - a school preparing for ICT Mark; ICT in history; Personalised Learning; Easing the primary / secondary transition; feedback from schools doing various hardware trials, handhelds, laptop trolleys etc. We had St Gregory the Great showing off their award winning Formula 1 in schools car and their design process. The Lego League winners were there demonstrating their skills. The exhibition hall was filled with famous educational names such as RM, 2Simple, Crick, Espresso, Clipbank, JISC, iTeachers, SAM Learning, Interactive Education, Go Education, Education City, Matrix display, Cannon UK, Richo, Renaissance Learning, Sibelius, Avermedia, Network and Cabling etc.
We were also provided with access to the Williams Museum so took loads of photos! The pupils who won the competitions were photographed in the racing car simulator.
Apparently a good day was had by all. I will post a link to a conference write up with photos – or whatever happens on the ICT web in a few days whenever I have done what has to be done in that respect!

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