Sunday, 20 July 2008

Lively - First Successful Visit

Well after the launch of Lively, and endless failed attempts to get in, something changed today and I instantly entered the first room I clicked on. That room seemed to be hosting a group of much younger people chatting about nothing much so I went in search of more interesting rooms. Most of the ones that I chose had no-one in them - is that a true reflection of me? Probably :-)

Now, having achieved success and seen what it is all about I doubt that I will return.

It is a chat room, it has an added 3D aspect in as much as it is possible to create the chat spaces in the form of rooms or islands but what is possible is so limited and adds little to what is essentially a chat room.

I can see that as it opens in the browser, and is quick and easy to access it may be popular with some people, but I was struggling to find something there to hold my attention for even a few minutes. Eventually in one of the Second Life rooms the Robbie Dingo machinima Watch the World was playing. This video shows a Second Life rendering of A Stary Night and is quite amazing:

... but I did not need to go to Lively to see it and it says far more about SL than Lively. I can only really compare Lively with my knowledge of Second Life where there is such a wealth of things to see, learn, create and virtually experience that it did not start to match. I can't imagine getting bored in Second Life but within seconds was bored in Lively.

After a couple of minutes of inane chat I said that I was off to Second Life to try out an idea I had had when an avatar close to me replied "Second Life sucks." As I felt that there was little chance of entering a sensible conversation on the matter I sensed it was time for me to go :-)

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