Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Computer return

Well I have my computer back. I bought it about five months ago and it never worked properly so now it has had loads more money thrown at it and seems, so far, to be good! I have just about loaded my usual array of software onto it, got in a bit of a fix last night whilst trying to join a webinar, needed suddenly to download Java etc., and just as I thought I had got it going a friend phoned me on Live Messenger which is when I found I had not actually installed the web cam :-(

Hopefully now though no more switching from machine to machine as I can find one at work not being used and that is slightly better than my old one. In fact I think I will get my old one rebuilt now so that I have two sensible machines.

It is hard to celebrate the working of this computer - I have a tooth abscess and am living on antibiotics and painkillers just at present. However, I have just been into Second Life and am thrilled afresh at the colours, sky, water - it all looks so wonderful and I had forgotten it all over the last few weeks having got used to a much poorer quality display.

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