Sunday, 11 April 2010

Redesigning an Island in SL

Over the last few weeks I have worked with a colleague to completely re-develop the Learn4 Life island in Second Life. It has been great fun!

The island’s theme is “Back to Nature” with lovely waterways, plants, wildlife and each teaching plot has its own stretch of beach. There is a kingfisher that dives in the water for fish, there are butterflies by the hundred, swans, ducks with ducklings and a heron feasting on fish from the pond.

The conference area has an amphitheatre built into the hillside and an area for large meetings or group work. The social area is slightly away from the nature theme but still outside under the stars! There are about six meeting spaces for smaller groups and fourteen teaching plots available for people who want to develop CPD sessions for teachers in the UK.

The island has a pirate ship where one can teleport to the crow’s nest or spin the wheel to move the rudder! It has an underground secret passage leading to treasure. We are designing a treasure hunt at the moment so soon you will be able to visit and do that! Near the pirate ship are hillside walkways with rope bridges and canoes to ride around the whole island.

The island has been built with viewer two in mind. It is based on users making best use of the new media opportunities.

Many people know that I generally reside on EduNation, one of the islands belonging to The Consultants-E and designed by avatar Dudeney Ge. It has always been my favourite place in Second Life and Mr Ge's influence will be apparent in the design of Learn 4 Life to anyone who knows his work :-)

To visit and look around download the free Second Life (make sure you get Viewer 2) and sign up. You will need to make an avatar. Once you have got that far follow the slurl:


Nergiz said...

This looks lovely, Carol! Great work!

I miss Second Life. Can only log in to teach but not to discover and enjoy new places or being with friends at the moment.


Nergiz said...

Shouldn't write when I'm tired but you know what I mean :)

Carolrb said...

Thanks Negiz, I have had a wonderful time making the island with Nick.

Three months will fly by :-) I will look forward to catching up with you again very soon. Good Luck with all of the work!

Anonymous said...

I saw it personally and it's... gorgeous! And very well designed for learning. Of course, being a product by Carol and friends, what else could we expect? :o)

PS: mhm very interested in the treasure hunt... will have to check it soon.

Carolrb said...

Thanks Anna
I have not started to work on th treasure hunt yet - but soon! The theatere is in place now though - that is nice :-)