Friday, 16 April 2010

Expanding training opportunities in Second Life

Well it is the last day of my 6 days leave, I have just about caught up and, though not quite ready for next week decided to see how our idea of providing Learning Platform training nuggets in Second Life may work out.

First I thought I needed to stream my desktop into Second Life so that delegates could watch what I was doing and then practice on their own computer – so stream I did, I used my laptop to stream from and my desktop to be in SL to explain the process etc. It was okayish but not as clear as I had hoped.

Thinking more about it I realised that I could do the whole demo live in Second Life – all I need to do is share my login details for the session. If everyone logs in as me they can see exactly what I am doing as if I was doing it on a whiteboard in front of them in our training room – also – just like using the IWB they could take over and try bits of it out! In fact each person attending could make a blog post and add to a wiki better than simply on an IWB in the training room as all have equal access all of the time :-)

As soon as the session is over I change the password for the login we are all using an the site is secure again. 

That is the theory – I need a few willing volunteers to come into SL with viewer 2 so that I can try it out!!


Anonymous said...

count on me, Carol

Carolrb said...

Wow - thanks Anna! We will try it soon :-)

Pete said...

Hi Carol,

I'm happy to help out too. Let me know when.


睿玄 said...
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tefl said...

Me too!