Friday, 30 April 2010

Kirsten’s New Second Life Viewer

This evening I decided to try Kirsten’s new viewer and after the first five minutes I am very impressed. When I went into the new SL Viewer 2 it took ages to import my inventory etc., but this was instant.
The side bar does not have to be present, not even the tiny tabs and that really is a bonus. It can be minimised to the bottom bar out of the way giving a much clearer view of the desktop.

I love having the map and minimap as well as inventory buttons at the bottom of the screen under my right hand and mouse – being right handed it is instant access and switch off if I don’t want to see either, they are just where I like most of my frequently used icons, top of left is so far out of my normal reach I tend not to use icons over there :-)
The view controls are good, very versatile! I am sure that I am imagining it but the depth of vision seems to be much better and as the menu tabs are not on the left the whole image seems vast and clear.

The viewer is very quick. I was teleporting from place to place and the textures were rezzing very quickly. Admittedly they were places that I often visit, but these places were not cached – it was the first visit with this viewer!

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