Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Scrapblog Again

Okay a new scrapblog - I am slightly more pleased with it this time but after learning a lot more about it would recommend the former - choose a theme and get on with it! I did not choose a theme this time, I made up this scrapblog with clear pages. When I looked for a background I needed to purchase them with points awarded to me for the amount of work I have already done. In my case about 70 points so far - and the packs of backgrounds are in the 300s. So I made a simple gradient fill background and duplicated that page loads of times.

Next I imported pictures from Flickr - not my own, but searched under the topic London and used some of those. I carried photos onto each page, added a very simple text box where required, added music in the background and published. It was quick and easy but it is very boring, all of the decorative bits need points and I do not have many so I had no access to pretty bits to decorate the pages.

So - I would choose a theme, clear pretty much everything off the pages and have access to loads of extras if I did another one!

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