Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Roxio Photo Show

Still atempting to find my particular holy grail for tonight and this seem closer!
I have made a simple photo show with Roxio, almost instant, simple and maybe a suitable answer!! http://www.photoshow.com/

The only draw back that I can see is that it does not show the images in order.... hmm.. back to the drawing board! Also still got the free Halloween background - none would be better!

Well having watched the show four times I think it is always the same order so maybe I did not upload them in order! If I can find a way of getting rid of the background it is in with a chance!

Yes - had another play and managed to get a better background - pan and zoom is best think! I am now very impressed with this program :-) Just realised I have made a spelling mistake in it - well trying things out late at night is not a good plan really, but no one who knows me will be surprised at my spelling - sorry all :-(

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