Monday, 10 August 2009

Holiday in Ibiza August 2009


We arrived in Ibiza airport, were bused the 60 or 70 metres to the terminal building… from where we caught a minibus to Portinatx, furthest point north of the island arriving there in the middle of the afternoon. We started to look around, found some lunch, went swimming, walked down to the beach – 200 steps? A long way down anyway, we needed a drink when we returned that is for sure! One of the very first things that was noticable about Ibiza - even as we were coming in to land was the colour of the sea. Later we learned that this was due to the Neptune grass that grows on the sea floor.

After dinner we decided to walk down to Portinatx town. That is a long way down and had very little to see except another tiny cove like the one below our hotel except about three times the length. Having walked down hill a long way the next necessity of course was walking back up! This is the story of Ibiza we soon learned. As an island it is approximately 44 km long and 20 wide, the trouble is that it seemed ten times that because there are so many hills and what may be 5 km as the crow flies can be 15 by the time you have wound your way up and over the hills.
Ibiza is a hilly island, flatter and wetter in the south where apparently the land is very fertile with rich iron minerals making the soil red and crops such as potatoes, olives, nectarines, plums, prickly pears and avocado pears are all grown. It is much drier and hillier in the north and mostly comprises of pine forests. There is a regular hunting season and apparently the hunted are mostly rabbits that are used for meat.

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