Sunday, 23 August 2009

Emoticon - A Perfomance in Second Life

CARP - Cybernatic ART Research Program

The show was advertised as "A new phase in Emoticon - improvising emotions with Al Hoffmann and the responding choreography and visual show" which does not begin to cover whas it was!
The performers were:

Al Hofmann
Josina Burgess
Efrantirise Morane
Any1 Gynoid
Velazquez Bonetto
Medora Chevalier

There is a lovely write-up on the event already at the Second Arts blog page :

The show was a colourful, spectacular circus of dance and music with wonderful costumes and textures. Emotions were whispered and the questions was asked did we all feel the same emotion to the same stimulus? I think the answer is no - I did not feel any of the rage, fury rejection, gloominess etc, just a sense of wonder and awe that something so lovely could be created and presented in Second Life. The seats were scripted so that our camera controls were taken over and we were all sat inside the dance, it was almost interactive.

There is a You Tube video of the first version, it has changed quite a lot now but it is enough to give the idea of what the performance was like.

There are more photographs on Flickr


pollyglott said...

Thanks for writing this up Carol. This was one of those SL events that photos, videos and descriptions can only begin to capture. You just had to be there 'virtually' in order to experience it. So roll on the next CARP production, we'll be there!

Carolrb said...

We certainly will - it was just wonderful :-) See you later!