Sunday, 16 August 2009

Cropredy Festival 2009

It was wonderful festival as usual - rather too many people in my opinion but I am sure others would disagree :-) It was dry and windy, and alternated between being overcast and sunny.

We could not move by Saturday afternoon, it was a struggle getting in and out of our spot to fetch food, drinks and wander round the stalls etc.

There will be loads written about it and hundreds of brilliant pictures. I have uploaded just a few photos of the event, did not get many, it was so crowded I did not bother to fight my way through the crowds to get more. Most of the pictures that I took were actually taken from about two thirds of the way up the field, so the projection screen is mainly what can be seen with very small band members at the bottom of the photos.

Other sets of photos (more will be added to as they are posted)

Yusuf playing Peace Train with Fairport

Richard Thompson's Cropredy set is already being torrented at Dime a Dozen:

Following are two video clips from the warm-ups at Woodford Halse: Matty Groves and Meet on the Ledge.

Highlights for me

Feast of Fiddles
Ralph McTell
Richard Thompson
Fairport - as may be expected.
Special Guest Yusuf Islam - formerly known as Cat Stephens, whose music I have loved for years but whom I have never managed to see live before!

An unexpected bit of fun was the ukelele number - the band played ukeleles and song a song with a funny animation projected onto the big screen.

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