Saturday, 20 June 2009

A visit to various OpenSim Grids

After diving in and almost immediately out of OpenSim once or twice and not really getting to grips with it at all I decided to investigate more fully today. I visited OpenSim and looked around, there seemed to be no-one about anywhere but on teleporting around I arrived on a sim that had at least one orientation board on it. That looked hopeful and whilst I was reading and looking around a wonderful person called Doctor Rorrim came and gave me clothes, landmarks etc. This was a huge breakthrough – I have one friend on OpenSim, am dressed and have places to visit!

There are currently 70 people here, not as many as I expected but even though there are so few I still got well and truly stuck. When I broke free, by choosing a spot on the map and teleporting out, I ended up stuck underground.

A few more teleports brought me to a stargate – a real working stargate, I went through and came out on Grid4Us, a developed but deserted sim with another stargate, that is too good to resist so this time I went to HyperGrid! It was on this journey that I got logged out L

Ah well – interesting – all the features of Second Life, but undeveloped and few people.

I will return when I have a couple of hours to spare J An interesting little exploration!

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