Saturday, 27 June 2009

The Helen Keller Day

June 26th 2009 in Second Life sees twentyfour hours devoted to accommodating people with deafness or that are blind in virtual worlds. There is a series of places to visit, things to do, talks and games to play, more information can be found on the wiki, the press release explains what the day is all about.

Linden Lab collaborated with Virtual Helping Hands to produce the day. It was designed as a community-event to examine the best ways and tools to support disabled people and explore how people with various disabilities can be entertained and achieve education etc., through being in a virtual world.

The highlight of the day for me (apologies to anyone blind or deaf who was looking for something more along the lines of what was provided), was the trained dogs. The dogs that I was playing with are created by the same people who developed Max the guide dog and they are just wonderful. I have every intention of going back and buying one 
I am living in hopes that Hope is still available!

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