Saturday, 27 June 2009


Well I have a plot on SL6B, I am very thrilled! In the first year that I was in Second Life I did little except tried to learn what it was all about and how to do things but in my second year I have done a Burning Life, Education Faire and now the 6th Birthday Celebration exhibit and it feels like I have really achieved something! Also, of course, and probably more importantly I have done the e-safety training sessions for teachers which are running for the third time now.

I had already spent a load of time building the main part of the sampler disco set over the spring so when I got a plot with a few days to put something together it did not take a massive amount of work, just some time to pull it all together with the aid of a SL friend and colleague Often Hird!

We had a small party on Thursday evening and Anna Begonia took a film clip – which was a lovely surprise. :-) Thanks Anna!

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