Friday, 3 April 2009

Iatefl Pecha Kucha

Thursday 2nd April I had the most amazing good fortune to meet a large number of Second Life friends. After work I drove to Cardiff to meet people who had been teaching me Spanish - Daf Gonzalas aka Dafne Smirnov, Cristina, Iffaf, Jessie and Shiv whose real names I don't know - sorry, and some of the people who are often around or on EduNation - Baldrick Commons aka Graham Stanley, Nik Peachy aka Mark Kozhedub, Kyle Mawer aka Frank Spearman, Gavin and more.

I watched the Iatefl Pecha Kucha, 6 presentations each consisting of 20 slides with 20 seconds per slide and was totally amazed to see all of these Second Life people taking one slide each and having just 20 seconds each :-) It was very good fun.

Thanks to all for making me so welcome and entertaining me - it was great to meet everyone and I had a wonderful time!

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Cristina Palomeque said...

It was great meeting you in 'real life', Carol! Ha sido un placer conocerte! Hasta pronto! :-) (Cristina Papp)