Monday, 13 April 2009

Cocos Island

Yesterday the photography course was introduced to Cocos island as a rather special place for taking photographs. Cocos Island, 300 miles off the coast of Costa Rica , is considered the largest uninhabited island in the world.
It is only accessible by a 36 hour boat ride, the island is known for its luscious rainforest and its magnificent undersea diving and wildlife diversity.

Cocos Island is admired by scuba divers for its populations of Hammerhead sharks, rays, dolphins and other large marine species.

In the Second Life version of Cocos Island one has to teleport into the island and lands on a platform in the sky where one can watch meteors, planets and stars and wait ready to be transported to the island by a boat. As one approaches the island one has to take to a smaller boat for the final stretch.

The build is wonderful, amazing waves, waterfall, vegetation, sea life cover the island and surrounding area, scuba diving is a favourite passtime there, as, I suspect photography soon will be.

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