Sunday, 12 April 2009

Disco Build in Second Life

I have spent a few days, now that I am on leave, creating a new musical build in Second Life. It has been great fun and is nearing the end of the first stage. I know by now that as soon as I have left it alone for a few days some new ideas will occur to me and so I will work on it again, for that reason I do not say it is finished.

About five people have tested it out tonight, Anna Begonia filmed some of it so I may be able to link to that soon.

The biggest problem I had was with the watchers. I spent the whole of last night building it - then it turned its back on me, it was far too shy to do the job. It has taken me ages to solve the problem but now that I have and I have 6 wokring watchers people all prefer the shy one so he is in the build as well. Maybe I ought to name him - in fact do you have any suggestions?

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