Sunday, 15 February 2009

Second Life Blackboard

Suddenly there is a huge concentration on teaching tools in Second Life once again. This is linked to the work of the EVO and VW2009 course where people are seriously looking at the teaching tools available. Many avatars are coming to EduNationII to get those made available here and to try them out ready for their own teaching sessions.

I have been having a little look at a couple of new ones which is something I have not done for ages. On my teaching I have been using a You Tube player, presentation board and a notecard giver but there are loads more to consider. With all of the tools available it depends on whether they are easy enough to make use of and fit your needs, just exactly like real life. I can't imagine using a tool just for novelty value and I think that is exactly what the next one is :-)

Today I picked up board called the Blackboard it actually offers a choice of three different coloured chalks and writes, following your mouse movements in the chosen colour. It works, but I can't use it easily, it depends on mouse control to write and my mouse writing is far too big to make the board useful.
It is fun though :-)

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Alis amiot said...

hi im looking for tht black board can u direct me where to get it?