Monday, 23 February 2009

A busy time in Second Life

Well – quite a busy few days in Second Life! Sunday we had a tour of the British Council Teen Grid Island. The island has been replicated in the main grid so that educators who may want to work on Teen Grid with their children can visit without undergoing the CRB checks necessary before one can enter Teen Grid. It may also be used for teacher training etc later.

As you land on the island there is a meeting point near to the information point. where information is offered via a podcast at the podcast point or in comic book form.

There is a village based on the Welsh village portmeirion, with a shop, bank, hotel, post office etc. where various scenarios can  be carried out as role play, visit  to see various clips.

The White Cliffs of Dover are very attractive but do not go too near the edge and cause a landslide. If you go down onto the beach though, you can search for fossils and bird’s nests whilst running the risk of rocks landing on top of you at any second.

There is a mystery mansion, where an ARG, alternate reality game is being developed over time. The other areas consist mainly of quests or social areas where visitors can meet and socialise.

You can take a tour of the area riding on Nessy, the Loch Ness Monster which is rather wonderful, and you can take part in a quest to free Maid Marian in Sherwood Forest. Listen to the audio file : 

The island is very attractive and offers lots of activity for teens, teachers will enjoy it just as much!

Also we had the final panel discussion – hear the audio clip 

To round up the whole course we had a 24 hour party :-)

See the pictures and video clips by following the links above.

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