Sunday, 15 February 2009

Chalkboard SL Tool

Thursday night I was lucky enough to be informed by in-world friend Graham Mills, real life Peter Miller about an Educational Tools session being run by Salahzar Stenvaag. I attended the session and saw a demonstration of his chalkboard tool.

This is a board that anyone can write on, several people at the same time, though lines can only be 50 charachters long but it can also it can read notecards and those can be any length as it wraps words. See the photographs for both lines and notecards. One a notecard is loaded it can be edited on the board.

It is very easy to use and will be a very useful tool for using when teaching in-world.

If you were teaching languages for instance you may use something like the Vocab-u-Matic to introduce new words, but writing phrases using the new words could be done on the chalkboard. Reading material could be posted in a notecard, students could write their responses to something on a notecard for them to be displayed to all. It seems to be a very easy to use, useful Second Life tool.

There is a video clip where you can see it working

You can get it in Second Life

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