Saturday, 24 January 2009

Third Session of the e-safety course

This was a very different course in as much as everyone seems to know each other very well. There was lots of back chatting, including joking and that made the rather miserable content easier to cope with I think.

In this session we got on to dealing with cyberbullying. We had intended to have a group discussion but everyone was so engrossed in the films and on the spot discussion that we never moved to take part in the planned group discussions, they will be for the last session.

I had one video clip that I was not at all sure about showing. It was far worse than anything I imagined existed! I put the clip in and out of the sessions several times over but decided it he end, as it was a trial class, to show it.

Most people reacted in the same manner – we would not show it to parents, but we are glad that we have seen it because we can be prepared if our pupils see it and say anything.
Maybe as teachers we need to know the worst, but do not want to frighten parents, preferring to show that the internet is a hugely advantageous medium for research, communication etc. and playing down the not so comfortable aspects.

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