Sunday, 25 January 2009

2Simple 2 Do It Yourself

2 Do It Yourself or 2DIY is a new piece of software release by 2Simple and launched recently at BETT. I have spent a few days trying it out.  It allows teachers and pupils to use a wide range of Flash templates enabling them to very quickly and easily create their own interactive resources including games, puzzles, and quizzes. Teachers and pupils can use the software to create cross-curricular, personalised resources for the whiteboard or website.  It should be a superb addition to any classroom's software selection.

I am really frustrated at the moment that it does not easily sit in our county learning platform! I am investigating how to keep the files small enough (under 100kb) to put them onto the O L P, I have requested a bigger upload allowance but the support team really don't seem to have a clue what I am asking - also once uploaded some of them do not show.  When I put a support ticket in for that query they asked if it was the same problem :-&  Frustration!! 

When using 2DIY there are plenty of opportunities for making different sorts of fun activities for learning as children or teachers plan, design, create, publish and play. I was able to create activities using my own photographs, timers and sound effects. The software can be used by any age pupils as the games can get very advanced and also extra action scripting can be built in if required!

The sorts of activities that can be created can be for all ages, some examples are
Draw a teddy bear & dress him
Create your own interactive screens such as drag and drop labels to flower parts
Make jigsaw puzzles from your own photographs
Make cloze procedure exercises, sequencing exercises or multi-choice questions
Make picture quizzes 
Make platform games
The files can be saved as html & flash files (SWF)then the games can be shared with friends or others in your school.

So - my conculsion is that it is a wonderful program, great fun and easy to use. I will be far happier about recommending it to our schools once the LP problems are sorted! To find out more visit 2 Simple at and get the evaluation version! 
Try it out :-)

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