Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Second Session e-safety course in Second Life

So late Tuesday night – the second session of the e-safety course is over! It was very enjoyable, again could be better but was definitely improved by the e-mail sent to everyone at the start of the session that gave them the urls of the video clips that we were going to watch during the session. That enabled delegates to instantly pull up You Tube and watch the video clip in their browser outside Second Life if it was not working for them in-world. We had a little discussion, one person is running a very tiny netbook type of computer, the graphics card is just not up to rendering the whole world and the videos, all she got was a flash of what may have been. That delegate started up a big laptop and downloaded Second Life, video worked on that so for the next session she will have access in-world!
Prior to running another course I would ask people to visit and set up video beforehand – this time I did set up voice as far as possible, and got everyone to the training area with a landmark but it was not enough!
I have to give many, many thanks to in-world friend Anna Begonia who recorded loads of photos, video and audio clips so that I have a record of the course. I am thrilled with the result!
The end of the session was a discussion and for that we used the Decks. This is a set of pods, each containing a table with chairs around it that can be sent away from other pods so that discussion can take place without interference between groups with either sound or text chat. Pod 1 goes to 100 mts, pod 2 200 mts etc. It worked like a dream and the delegates enjoyed it. It was something a little different, the first session would have been too soon to introduce it but everyone coped well. What did not work so well was the landmark I gave then – it worked perfectly for me but landed everyone else in the water near the ICT Team spot. I just don’t know how to overcome that one!

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