Saturday, 7 September 2013

The joys of caravanning

Cooking in a caravan is an art form – I have not mastered it. There is nowhere to put anything! It is a nightmare. The most success that we have had is to barbecue any meat and veges suitable for cooking on the bbq and cook rice, potatoes etc on the small stove.

We did have a lovely lunch, it was glorious sunshine so we sat outside, it was hot so I had a Crabbies – I love ginger beer! I had not realised that there was a tiny drop left in the bottle, so when washing up after dinner H picked up the bottle and told me I had not finished my drink, I had already washed the glasses so I tipped the bottle into my mouth, there was less than a mouthful – and a wasp! So now with a smashed up toe and severe limp I had a swollen tongue having been stung in the mouth – the joys of caravanning.

Another joy of caravanning - where did all of the laundrettes go? We have searched the web which lumps laundries and laundrettes together - and gone to laundries... travelled miles to wash the laundry!

How I long to soak in a hot bath - showers are fine for getting clean but I consider my bath an essential part of the night time ritual - relaxing! No bath in three weeks equates to not much sleep in three weeks, that failure to relax along with the fact I can't have all of the windows wide open is not good and apparently I had conversations out loud with unseen people every time I dropped off to sleep last night :-(

Also if one uses a multi plug for charging phones and a laptop the resulting buzz for people listening to me in Second Life, where I teach for two days a week is a nightmare - so no charging phones or ipad or anything else whilst trying to teach - I am learning!!

One funny moment - was when approaching the Severn Bridge I put on the iPad to see how much the toll was going to be - it asked beautifully whether I wanted to link to my own network, I had left the phone providing data access on whilst it was packed away in the caravan which we were towing :-)

The sites which we have been on have cut the field grass, but not picked the grass up, so every time one of us or one of the dogs comes into the caravan,  especially when it is wet, we bring soggy grass cuttings in. We must hoover up about 6 times a day just to keep it bearable.

I can't, for the life of me, understand why anyone would ever want to go caravanning. The only joy so far has been meeting some lovely people.

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