Saturday, 7 September 2013

Selling up

With an acceptable offer on the house we said “yes,” they said “great” followed by “is about 6 weeks to move out okay?”  We said “yes,” they came back and said “can you move in three?” :-) That is where the story starts. The following Saturday we bought a huge trailer, started to pack and move the stuff we wanted to keep to our son’s very large garage, we started selling and giving away much of 25 years’ worth of unneeded household items. The following week, after a quick investigation we bought a huge caravan and awning, kept packing, picked up the caravan, loaded it up, kept moving stuff and finally almost three weeks later I spent my usual Friday teaching on the internet sat at my desk in an empty room, almost no other furniture in the house and just about ready to leave. However we were not completing the sale until the following Tuesday so we decided to take advantage of the weekend to attend Cropredy festival, a long-time favourite!!
Cropredy was lovely, great music, lovely weather and very relaxing after the hectic preceding couple of weeks.

Also a wonderful video clip!

After returning home and packing the last few bits, including our mattress on the Sunday, we had to sleep in the caravan in the drive for the Sunday and Monday nights. The trailer, with the last few bits in, was taken and unloaded and then left at our son’s house and, Tuesday, moving day, dawned. I sat on the floor in a completely empty house, near the hub to teach until 5pm, when we loaded the dogs and computer into the car, hitched up the caravan and set off. First stop for a few days was our son’s house, the first caravan place that we booked had managed to double book so there was not going to be power or hard standing until the following Saturday. We spent the five days getting used to living in the caravan – not easy – especially since we could not put up the awning. However it was made much easier by the use of a nice bathroom, washing machine, space for the dogs, fields for the dogs to walk in etc. Actually looking back after two more weeks this was luxury.

Driving round the estate with Phillip we saw fields of sunflowers, they were beautiful!

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