Saturday, 19 March 2011

A lovely Day

Well I guessed right but it did not go quite as planned, Andrew's work van broke down on the way back to work to drop it off so I had to get H out of bed early to go and tow him in :-) H got out of bed after only 3 hours sleep and dressed - jeans and t shirt - ready to tow a van in! This is significant - when they got back we had a houseful and he did not change, now does not like the photos :-(

Clem arrived in their car with the meat which we got started, Pete and Helen rushed over as soon as they heard to get the veggies all prepped, by the time Andy got here it was as if he had started on time :-) This is good - Andy is a little stressed just now as trying to stop smoking!

Sadly three of the family could not get to us due to work but 14 of us sat down to dinner about 2pm; our best man and his wife, lifelong friends, and the family. Everyone who walked into the house seemed to have an armful of food! They had it planned down to the last fine detail. Andrew phoned Helen last night realising he had boobed saying that no-one had told him mum didn't know..... doghouse for Andy ;-)

The sun shone, it was uncommonly hot for March and we spent some time outside with all of the family dogs!

I was presented with a huge pink box, I had already had to move it to lay the table and knew it was a light as a feather :-) Inside was a helium filled balloon with two tickets for a hot air balloon flight attached to the ribbon, on the 9th April we are going hot air ballooning - our present :-)

The day has been quite wonderful, a lovely surprise and celebration.

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