Saturday, 19 March 2011

The Cat's out of the Bag

Had a phone-call from one of my sons last night - "Mum there is an accident on the A34 - I am stuck behind it, need to get to Woodstock and Chippy to deliver can you see if you can find a route for me?"

So - I start to open maps and road news pages to see what is going on an where and Andrew keeps chatting….

"Clem and I will be over quite early tomorrow…"

Fine I say, but Phill and Vicky usually come mid - morning (his twin and twin's wife whose son's birthday it was in the week - me thinking they wanted to see Woody for his birthday!)

Andrew - Oh is it Woody's birthday?

Me - beginning to get puzzled - Yes it was Wednesday! Also your dad will not get to bed until 5.30am so he will not be up until about 10-30…

Andrew - but Helen (his sister) said we have to sit down at 2.30 and I need to get the meat on…

Ahhhh - suddenly these oddments come together and he has let the cat out of the bag. It is our 30th wedding anniversary on Monday and the family are clearly planning a huge family gathering today - Andrew is cooking - I can understand their choice, he is an excellent cook, it will be like Christmas again :-)

So I have done the house, am dressed in better than usual Saturday jeans and t shirt - just waiting to see what unfolds :-)

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