Friday, 1 October 2010


I love this little tool but it is only for over 13s! That is very sad. I can imagine all sorts of use of it for pupils from Foundation Stage upwards. To try it out visit - leave a message to try to persuade them to open up an Educational version for schools :-)

Post Script - Yay I have just heard form Fotobabble :-)

Quote: You can absolutely allow students to log in from multiple computers with your log-in information while they're supervised at school.  You can also be sure to go into your profile and change your default setting to "private" Fotobabbles.  This way nothing your students create is searchable or appears on the main FB site.  Does any of this help?  If students want to use Fotobabble at home, all they need is a parent to create a log in and agree to supervise their child's use of the site.  They'll never encounter anything extremely profane on Fotobabble, but nevertheless, parents can keep an eye on what their children are viewing online. 

So - teachers can now log in, allow students to create Fotobabbles and the embed code makes it easy to embed the finished work in the Learning Platform, on a blog etc. I am going to write embedding instuctions for KLP users later today - drop me a message if you want a copy... guess you will know where to find me :-)

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