Wednesday, 6 October 2010


The loveliest most faithful friend of the last eleven years, Ben, died in my arms this afternoon so I am feeling a bit sad! Ben is the creamy coloured dog, rescued at 11 months old and a beautiful family pet ever since. As with all dogs when he first arrived and we didn't know him we were not sure how he would be with children. I phoned a neice who was coming to stay and told her we had a new dog, she arrived and we could see it was instant love. Ben adored children - right until the day he died, which was rather sudden certainly unexpected up until the end of last week even yesterday we were not prepared for this outcome.

 Playing with Dexter, another rescue dog and rather elderly gent!

Playing with Dexter again - most of our lives seems to be playing with dogs :-)

In the snow - playing again!

Favourite pastime - Ben would get into anyone's car! There are three of them in here setting off for a walk in the woods!
Such lovely memories from a lovely dog - the house seems empty at the moment, Dexter is still looking for him :-(


Anonymous said...

What a nice, beautiful and happy dog it was!

Carolrb said...

Yes he was :-) Going to start looking for a friend for Dexy tomorrow - will visit the Dog's Trust in the morning!