Saturday, 19 June 2010

Why I'm Still Married ;-)

Household conversation on actually meeting up for the first time in days (odd shift system at husband’s place of work)

Husband: What went wrong with your computer, I saw it all unplugged and on the floor.

Me: Nothing, I just did not want to switch it on again until I had stripped it down and blown the dust out of it. I haven’t done it for ages and kept forgetting until it was too late!

Husband: Did you do it?

Me – puzzled: Yes.

Him: What with?

Me – even more puzzled: The compressor.

Him: How did you get it started? It hasn’t worked for weeks, the switch is broken. I have a new one, just not fitted it yet.

Me: Flicked the switch and away she went…

See,  even his broken compressor is not going to argue with me ;-))