Friday, 18 June 2010

10 Blogs to Watch

I was extremely flattered to have been named in Ozge Karaoglu’s blog, 10 X 10 blogs to watch. I am very late in responding – sorry Ozge, just been a bit busy :-)

Actually compiling as list takes very little time, I have hundreds listed in my RSS reader,  but I have had a real struggle to decide where my focus should be, it has changed several times over the last couple of weeks and until I sat and really thought about it I knew that I would have just put down my favourites, which would be okay I guess, but one may have struggled to see a theme running through them.

So here goes, my 10 blogs to watch, chosen for various reasons but mostly because they feed directly into my work. There are many others that I read linked with personal interests, people I like and others for reasons that elude me totally… but this is my choice – today – in no particular order!

Firstly – and not one of my ten – cheating a little – is Ozge’s own blog, as a big part of my job is working with teachers of small children her’s is an inspiration itself, with loads of lovely ICT ideas and resources

1. - lots about using ICT to enhance learning, games based learning etc.
2.    Tom Barrett – so many productive links are Tom’s where should I start? Tom inspires people to work together to create really useful sets of ideas – a skill I really wish that I had!
3. Tim has inspired me - and a lot of other Oxfordshire teachers - for years :-) Thank Tim!
4. - I am just so envious of where they are… wish we were half way there ...
5.    Dawn – to listen to Dawn talking about ICT in the classroom is a delight
6.    I am really interested in how Redbridge are developing games based learning, another inspirational group of people
7. Qrious – I keep an eye on this one to spot any new ideas or tools that I can investigate
8.  I do not give this one nearly enough time thinking I will go back and read it properly when I have time… hmmm – must do that, I have lots to learn from this blog!
9. Inspiring projects,  food for thought… all here
10. Ollie shares lots and lots of exciting ideas :-)

A very satisfactory list where I can learn from some of the best of the ICT practitioners in the UK! Thanks folks:-) Now everyone who knows me is suitable surprised that I did not do the techie list... or the Secodn Life list...

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