Saturday, 6 February 2010

Word it Out

A new program akin to Wordle - experimenting here :-)

I took the words from the new National Curriculum, essential skills for life section Literacy Maths and ICT - starting to get familiar with it :-)

Made with WordItOut

The blog post here  makes it sound more versatile than Wordle but I must admit to loving the different word directions and rich colours of Wordle. They are very similar though - another lovely educational resource :-)


neildb said...

I like "Word it Out". I'm going to use it in my business English classes next week. Great idea about using the national curriculum to generate a picture with words, I'm going to try the same thing with my business ESL program objectives & goals.

Carolrb said...

Thanks Neil - hope it goes well :-) It certainly picks out the most used words for consideration and that is a good way to get an impresesion of what is being covered in any curriculum.